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Allow us to share the intriguing journey behind “Simply Florida and Then Some.”

simply florida artist Jackie
Jackie – Artist

Jackie – The Creative Visionary
Jackie’s passion for photography ignited at a tender age when her father introduced her to the magic of transforming a negative into a picture using only an envelope and the sun. Her inaugural creation was a photograph of the iconic Hopalong Cassidy.

As Jackie honed her skills, she delved into darkroom development, crafting captivating black and white photographs. When digital cameras emerged, her curiosity led her to explore the realm of digital technology to enhance her craft. Seven years of dedication later, her work began to resonate deeply with admirers, giving birth to the idea of “Simply Florida.”

Encouraged by positive feedback, Jackie ventured into the world of photography contests. Her work stood tall among global peers, earning her awards from voters worldwide. The revelation that images from across the country were receiving acclaim inspired the evolution from “Simply Florida” to “Simply Florida and Then Some.”

Jackie’s lens captures the exquisite beauty of Florida, from the avian wonders to the vibrant flora, majestic trees, pristine beaches, and beyond. Her artistic vision also extends to diverse landscapes across the United States.

In Jackie’s words: “Photographs are our memories, cherished and dear. Mine hold a special place in my heart, and I treat yours as if they were my own.”

simply Florida's Techie Jim
Jim – Techie

Jim – The Technical Virtuoso
Jim’s journey seamlessly complements Jackie’s creative flair. After an honorable discharge from military service, he embarked on a path in the emerging field of computers (circa 1969).

Ascending the ranks in the banking industry’s computer sector, Jim’s career took him across the United States and around the world as a trusted consultant. In the late 1990s, he ventured into website development while continually honing his managerial skills and deepening his appreciation for the art of photography.

In Jim’s words: “While I may not fully comprehend Jackie’s artistic process, we form an exceptional team dedicated to delivering precisely what our patrons seek. The joy of fulfilling someone’s vision brings immense satisfaction to both Jackie and me. We are profoundly grateful to make a positive impact.”

Together, Jackie’s creative genius and Jim’s technical acumen fuse to bring you the enchanting world of “Simply Florida and Then Some.”

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