Journey Begins

I’m excited to share my journey and insights with you. Here, we’ll delve into the how, when, and why behind my methods, offering you a roadmap to success. Whether you’re just starting out or looking to refine your skills, my goal is to provide you with the tools and inspiration needed to achieve your dreams. 💡✨ With dedication and hard work, you too can reach your full potential. Let’s embark on this journey together and unlock the secrets to success! 🚀🔓

But First a bit of helpful information you might fine useful.
In order to return to this page you click the BLOG at the top of the page.
On the left side you can click the topic you want next. At the bottom of the pages you will find TITLES of the last post and the next post so you can hit the one you are interested in.

If you are really interested and serious there are a few things you need to “set up shop” with Zazzle.
Chose a good name for the store.
Pick a place that you want your earnings to be sent to. I use Pay Pal.
Then pick what product you will want to start designing and have patience.
When you are ready go to Zazzle Here and begin to register your new account.

Some Tool Suggestions
You will need an image program like Photoshop because that is how you get your images ready for Zazzle.

Creative Fabrica is access to a whole library of unlimited fonts and graphics and more. I use them most of the time and get really excited when I find exactly what I need. If you are into any kind of design the link is above.

I’m rooting for you!! 🎉 👏 🙌 🎊 🥳

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