Fine Art

Hey, those look pretty nice against various settings, don’t you think? They are samples of some of the pieces below actually hanging.
From left to right the titles are: Trees in Bloom, New York Skyline, Jazzbo, Beach Walk and are in the list below.
When you are ready to order just click on the picture you like.

Beach Walk

Take a walk on the boardwalk in Anna Marie Island, Florida. This is a nice painted effect
hat would enhance your beach décor in your home or office.

Coquina Dunes

Small white dunes, turquoise water and blue skies make this breathtaking photo want you
to visit Coquina Beach, Florida.

Sit N Relax

Have a seat on the boardwalk at Anna Marie Island, Florida. Take a deep breath and smell
the salt air. The benches are made of fine weathered beechwood in a gray color.

Take Me Out

Nice colorful painterly picture of shades of blue, white and gray of a row boat along with
its paddles. This would make a nice accent to your nautical décor.

Rest Stop

On the beach at Sarasota, Florida there are a few boats resting bottom side up on the white
sands. There is a boat ready to take sail in the blue gulf waters.

New York Skyline

The New York skyline done up in a painterly fashion and is just right for the
northerner in you or the northerner at heart.

A Real Beauty

For the horse lover in you, here is a nice sketch featuring a majestic black horse in a
white background. Oh by the way, this photo is in black and white. (smile)

A Monet Palm

Nice painterly effect for a palm tree surrounded by green bushes and other tropical
plants which is done in a Monet style art.

A Trail to the Beach

Walk along the trail to the beach to enjoy a day of swimming and lots of fun.
This beach has pure white sands, blue sky and lots of scenery. This is a nice painted effect.

Painted Palms

Two pretty palm trees in pastel colors. Tropical background consists of blue and pink
will make a nice addition to any room in your home or office. We love Florida décor.

Trees In Bloom

Watercolor painting by contributed artist Carly Ann, of six trees in bloom on a warm
spring day surrounded by a white picket fence in a country meadow.

Watercolor Beachscape

Watercolor beachscape contributed by artist Carly Ann, has created this
beachscape featuring choppy waters crashing on a rock. The colors are a deep blue, light blue and a clouded sky.

Snow at Sunset

Contributing artist Carly Ann, has created this landscape watercolor art featuring
snowy pine trees with a blanket of snow on the ground and a small firewood cabin. The background is a sunset sky of pink, yellow and orange with puffy white clouds.

Moonlit Seascape

Night time seascape watercolor art contributed by Carly Ann, shows a full moon
lighting the sky with calm sea waters and sea oats.

Gift from out of this world

Cute watercolor art contributed by Carly Ann shows fantasy planet
balloons given to a little girl by an astronaut. The astronaut is standing on a small planet handing the balloons to the little girl with her red dress. The background is consisted
of outer space with its stars

Born on the Bayou

Contributing artist Carly Ann, created this beautiful watercolor of a serine and
peaceful bayou with still waters and pine trees. Her background consists of blue skies and white puffy clouds.

Aurora Borealis above Forest

Contributing artist Carly Ann, created this beautiful watercolor art of
Aurora Borealis above a forest in Alaska. This colorful arrangement is made up of pine trees, white mountains and an aurora in a starlit sky with a comet and full moon.

A Greek Island

Contributing artist Carly Ann, created this beautiful watercolor art of Santorini,
Greek Island which features a Greek church with a blue sky background and it’s calming waters.

Two Little Birds

Colorful painting of two birds of paradise along with yellow and pink orchards will
bring out the best of your home or office décor.

The Golden Hour

As the sun rises over Anna Marie Island in Bradenton, Florida, it casts a golden
scene with sea gulls, calm waters and a puffy cloud sky.

Glowing Sun

Behold the beauty of a sunflower ready to open up in full bloom. This effect enhances the
feeling of electrifying warmth and will enhance the décor of any room.

Painterly Frangipanis

These painterly frangipanis are in funky fashion to delight any room in your
office or home décor. Red, blue, yellow and green colors it will bring happiness.

Frangipanis on The Glow

Taking frangipanis a step further with a glowing effect will wow any room or
office décor. Tropical flowers with a “zing”

Living Color

Very colorful arrangement of red and yellow roses accompanied by purple lilacs in a
painted like fashion is great wall art for your home or office.


Tropical themed tiki hut in a beachy setting with green palm like plants.

Sea Treasures

Wow, a collection of sea shells including a large conch, scallop, some sand dollars and
a couple of starfish. Small blue and clear glass marbles complete this composition.

Unknown Paradise

Breathtaking sunset over the Gulf of Mexico with palm tree silhouettes in a paradise
setting will make you warm and comfortable. This is a great accent for your home or office décor.

Surfs Up

Beautiful seascape with beautiful colors of turquoise water and a clear blue skys with one
solo seagull waiting to ride the waves and catch some dinner.

Flying Solo

Beautiful seascape of the calm waters over the Gulf of Mexico, west coast Florida
featuring a single seagull ready for his first catch of the day.

Ready To Go

Nice colorful painterly picture of shades of blue, white and gray of a row boat along with
its paddles. This would make a perfect addition to your home or office decor, go boating or just laze around.

Boats at the Bay

A painted look of three little row boats parked on the beach sand; two are white and
the other is a darker color. You may want to invite your friends or family out for a fishing trip.

On Quiet Waters

Here is a sailboat ready to take sale on the quiet Florida intercoastal waters. The
background has lush green foliage against tropical waters. Great wall art for the boat lover in you and is fit for any office or home décor.

Ghost Ship

Fantasy ghost ship with a moonlit and starry sky will be the topic of conversation while
adding this to your home or office décor.

Vintage Peonies

Two pink peonies in a vintage setting make this art fit for any room in your house and
is great for your office too.


Pretty white magnolia painted to perfection will lighten up your favorite room in your home
or office.

Lady Yellow

How about a large abstract painting of a yellow hibiscus to complete your home décor?

Floridian Bouquet

Nice arrangement of a boquet of yellow hawaiian flowers in an oil paintd fashion

A Symbol of Grace

Lovely yellow hawaiian flowers in a black background shows the elegance and beauy of
nature. Fill your home décor with a symbol of grace.


Watercolor painted gazebo with pastel colors is a nice home or office addition to your décor.

Valentine House

Famous Valentine House located at Robinson’s Preserve, Bradenton, Florida is presented
in a painted like fashion to warm up your office or home décor will make a nice addition to your home or office décor.


Sit, relax and be calm. Claim serenity with this tropical poster where this white buddha statue is sitting in a lotus position. Photo was taken at Selby Gardens in Sarasota, Florida

Floating Botanicals

Lush tropical greens and flowers nestled in a small canoe on top of a quiet pond. There are ferns in the background with a small water fall. This photo was taken at Selby Gardens in
Sarasota, Florida.

Pink Flamingo Wading

A beautiful pink flamingo wading in shallow still water water in a tropical

Mermaid Pondering

Here is a stunning white mermaid statue in a side sitting position among fishing
reels and fish nets with a background of old nautical paintings in blue and green. You can almost believe that she was once real as she is pondering about going back into the sea.

Mermaid Pondering

Mermaids? Yes it’s true! Here is a cute little mermaid sitting on a pedestal with
her hands on her lap. The background is a beach scene with colorful blue waters against a puffy cloud blue sky.

Good Knight Sweet Dreams

May your dreams come true with this knight in armor riding his black horse in
the clouds with a blue starry night. The horse is dressed to the nines with a yellow and orange father head piece. His saddle is red and also shows royalty blankets along his rump
and chest.

Egret in Sunset

A digital painting of a great white egret in flight with vivid color of a Florida
sunset background consisting of purple orange and yellow. This magnificent bird is a little over three feet tall with a wingspan of almost five feet. Its feathers are entirely white.
He has a long sharp yellow bill and long gray back legs.

Painted Tulips

Tulips of red and yellow in a painted look makes great wall art for your home or

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